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What’s the biggest, most ridiculous, video game music tribute project anyone could make? Oh, I know, how about a big band + strings + percussion + soloists jazz medley of video game songs, all recorded live? Here it is.

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Sheet Music:

I am so happy to finally be sharing this massive project! This all started out back in early March when Cristobal (Head Engineer) saw my Wii Music video with Emily (Violin Solo), and reached out to me asking if I’d be interested in ever doing a live session with a band. At first, my reaction was fairly neutral, but then I began to think… what’s the biggest thing we could possibly do with the resources available to us? And thus, The Jazz Video Game Medley was born. It’s a three-movement suite highlighting some of the best and notable video game music ever written. It shouldn’t be surprising that I’m extremely passionate about video game music, so this project was a dream come true for me. After about a month and a half of arranging, an intense 8-hour recording session, several weeks of mixing and video editing, I’m happy to present to you what I think is a crown achievement of my YouTube career.

This particular movement of JVGM focuses on happy, triumphant themes from games. I was not surprised at all that this medley ended up being very heavily Nintendo-focused, as I think Nintendo has always been king when it comes to game music! Some of my favorite bits of this medley include the muted trumpet + string pizzicato in Green Hill Zone, the relaxing two feel underneath the Mario Bros. theme, the DK Island Swing Sax Soli, and the raunchy Bob-Omb Battlefield finale! If you’d like to study the score and follow along, the score and parts for this arrangement are available for free to view and download, just like always.

I have to give a huge thanks to everybody who contributed to making this project a reality. I am so fortunate to attend school at a place where so many skilled people are readily available, and the technology exists to support creative endeavors like this. This is my attempt at making the most of my college experience, haha!

Hope you all enjoy. See you soon with Movements 2 & 3 🙂


Soprano Sax / Alto Sax 1: Carla Restivo
Alto Sax 2: Kenton Dick
Tenor Sax 1: Simon Breedlove
Tenor Sax 2: Maurice Soque
Tenor Sax (Solo): Carlos Eiene
Baritone Sax: Roberto Prado

Trumpet 1: Lachie Day
Trumpet 2: Richard Stanmeyer
Trumpet 3 (Solo): Jeremy Alvarez
Trumpet 4: Bastien Rieser

Trombone 1: Max Acree
Trombone 2 (Solo): Auden Durant
Trombone 3: Ian Lazan
Bass Trombone: Ethan Santos

Tuba (Solo): Ryan Milford

Piano: Da Seul Jung
Bass: Alec Graham
Drums: Carles Pereira
Auxillary Percussion: Henry Godfrey
Mallet Percussion: Erin Eberhardt

Vocals (Solo): Zabrina Hay

Violin (Solo): Emily Gelineau
Violin I: Jody Miller*, Brian Urra, Tania Mesa, Dana Zulpyharova
Violin II: Nisa Taufik*, Bengisu Gokce, Claudius Agrippa
Viola: Cecilia Cook*, Mels Wynne, Cecilia Vacanti
Cello: SungHa Hong*, Casey Murray, Caitlin Thomas

Head Engineers: Cristobal Cruz Garcia, Gustaf Claesson, Hayden Ticehurst
Assistant Engineers: Emanue Keller, Heeyeon Ko, Ben Fox, Tristan Maxwell Grazier, Aleksi Godard, Ivan Cheung, Alejandro Haddock, Robert Mantz, Chengcheng Tang
Booth Reader: Sabrina Scotti & Nicoletta Nomicou
Mix: Carlos Eiene, Cristobal Cruz Garcia
Mastering: Cristobal Cruz Garcia
Cinematography & Lighting: Peter Xiong & Mike Koch
Video Editing: Carlos Eiene

Recorded and Filmed in the Berklee College of Music’s Shames Family Scoring Studio and Production Suites
This is a non-commercial project. No revenue is generated from this video.

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